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September 6, 2012, 4:57 PM
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London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has a new plan of making elevated platforms to cycle away from traffic. The paths won’t be free – it has been suggested that one journey would cost £1 with an Oyster card, still less than half the price of a Tube journey within Zone 1.

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wild world
August 30, 2012, 1:10 PM
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#global favorites

Unknown Artist
Location: Milano, Italy
Foto by INFORMAZIONE LIBERA via Patrizia Marinozzi
Via Street Art Germany

Parklets: reimagine urban landscape

“Parklets” are spreading over parking spaces creating some innovatives urban areas across America. Plots of urban land (usually parking spaces!) are taken by the city government and turned into small and great parks to hang out.

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Human-powered washer machine
August 2, 2012, 1:29 PM
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GiraDora is a portable pedal-power washing and dryer machine to increase efficiency of washing clothes by hand in undeveloped communities around the globe. They’re in prototype phase and the cost will be less than US$ 40,00.

Via Springwise.

July 25, 2012, 1:29 PM
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It is nice to see big brands joining the sustainable club. In France, McDonald’s made a (very cute) set of reusable cups designed by Patrick Norguet. The disposable Styrofoam coffee cups are being replaced by stylish ceramic cups with protective wrap bands in six different colors. Cups will still be free!

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Flying Bikes
July 5, 2012, 8:25 PM
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This is just surreal and I can’t wait to have one of those!

Read about it here.




Container Pizzeria
July 5, 2012, 8:20 PM
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Ok, ok, no one wants to hear about cool ways of recycling containers anymore. But THIS one is I must post, because it combines two things I love – street food and reusing old stuff.

In San Francisco, Jon Darsky left his job in a pizzeria and decided to open his own – and a mobile one. Made from a reused container, the pizzeria is installed on the back of a truck.