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Are we eating too much?
May 24, 2012, 1:22 PM
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According to CDC, we are. And we have to edit our diets immediately. Today’s average restaurant portion is 4 times larger than it was in the 1950′s – a 26 lbs (11kg) increase in average weight of the population is surely correlated.


Considering that, Edited Life sugests some pretty easy tips to keep “the less, the better” like order the smallest portions available, share with your friends, stop eating before you’re stuffed, cut out junkie fast food, etc. We highlighted the Small Plate Movement – try to eat in smaller plates everyday and you’ll get used to eat less and healthier. You can read all tips here.


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Love this picture! I think it’s crazy how much bigger portion sizes are than before. But even though I try to eat local and healthy…if it’s a good meal I just want to keep on eating! 🙂

Comment by mauledbydesign

I couldn’t agree more: portion sizes keeps getting bigger and bigger! And everyone should eat better, we have so much informations and options… Anyway, thanks for leaving your comment 🙂

Comment by carolinagarcia123

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