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Krispy Kreme + Grass Sandal (?)
July 21, 2010, 8:58 PM
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I just googled it, and Krispy Kreme is REALLY a donuts shop (as I remembered) and… I don’t understand exactly WHY they made such a crazy product – considering they’re in food business  – but I like the idea, so it deserves my post!

After a interviewing  1.000 londoners, 53% blamed the lack of contact with nature as an important factor for their stress. So, very cleverly (and exquisite!) they came up with the idea of developing THE GRASS SANDALS! Exactly as you see in the pictures, now people can walk around urban centers feeling like a walk in the woods.

Oh, and they can last up to 4 months – the only non-green thing for me seems to be what to do with the flipflops after grass is gone. Hopefully, they can be upcycled!


Phone booths > recharging station
July 1, 2010, 5:17 AM
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Telekom Austria has found a way to revitalize its 13.500 old phone booths around the country: the company is converting them into into battery recharging stations for electric vehicles. Until december, Austria will have already 30 coverted stations and during trial period, recharging is free.

Via Springwise

PS: this is the 100th post 🙂