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Be a “Green” Diva
September 2, 2009, 9:55 PM
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The DivaCup is a non-absorbent menstrual cup that simply collects menstrual flow. It is inserted and sits at the lower base of the vaginal canal. It is worn internally, yet because it is soft and smooth, it cannot be felt nor will it leak when inserted properly. DivaCup is the most clean and convenient method of feminine hygiene protection. No need to touch the flow. It is worn low in the vagina, not near the cervix, so it is easy to remove and without mess.

Women around the world are increasingly aware of how they can make a significant, positive environmental impact by switching from disposable tampons and pads to The DivaCup. This simple change is as significant as switching from plastic to canvas bags. DivaCup is reusable and made from silicone. This makes it an important, environmentally responsible feminine hygiene choice.


Women, on average, experience a lifetime menstruation span of 41 years (11-52). From use of disposable feminine hygiene, an estimated 12 billion sanitary pads and 7 billion tampons are dumped into the North American environment each year (1998). More than 170,000 tampon applicators were collected along U.S. coastal areas between 1998 and 1999. Our revolutionary, reusable product is a modern, viable alternative to disposable tampons and pads.

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