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Green Festival 2009
August 18, 2009, 7:29 PM
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Between 18th and 25th of September Portugal will have the Green Festival. The idea is spread the eco-friendly lifestyle, thru differents areas and workshops: Green Building, Green Home, Green Consumer, Green Places are the newests spaces, while Green Thinking, Green Fun, Green People, Green Taste  and Green Trends  are coming again. 


August 16, 2009, 11:40 PM
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Here is a new line of eco-friendly shampoos, called Concept Vert: Privé. But, this post is also here to remind us what is not good to have in our daily shampoos ingredients:

Sulfates, gluten, phalalates, DEA, TEA, mineral oil, paraffin, PABA, paraben, or artificial coloring.

Concept Vert has its bottles feature patented air powered technology that equates to twice the washing and conditioning in reusable bottles. The products are designed to be recycled as well as being refilled and reused via the manufacturer through the salon of purchase. In addition, they use pure organic exacts. The color safe formula is enriched with Amazon Açaí and Babassu Oil to rejuvenat, nourish and cleanse the hair.

Accordind to testimonials, Concept Vert makes your hair “softer, shinier and much more manageable”. 

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Blue is the new GREEN
August 13, 2009, 6:22 PM
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The COTTON FROM BLUE TO GREEN is an ONG that colects used denim and give it “new life” by converting it tUltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation. The insulation is then provided to communities in need to assist with building efforts. UltraTouch is composed of 85% recycled cotton fibers and is an environmentally safe, non-itch insulation without carcinogenic warnings or chemical irritants. It provides exceptional thermal performance and acoustically provides 30% better sound absorption than traditional fiberglass insulation. In addition, it is one of the only insulating products that contains an active mold/mildew inhibitor. First created in 2006, they had a total of 14,566 pieces of denim collected nationwide. 

Check the process here.

Get involved here.

You can watch their video (twice!) bellow

Wireless Car
August 9, 2009, 2:49 AM
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Nissan’s electric car is set to go on sale in the US and Japan in 2010 and rest of Europe by 2012.  The first plug-free  car technology  will make charging electric cars easier and faster. The wireless charging system is based on the concept of inductive charging, the same electromagnetic field technology used to charge an electric toothbrush. Nissan has scaled it up for use in their Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) electric car.

A recent consumer research revealed that 61% of potential electric car customers were most worried about the inconvenience of recharging: now, battery will refill to 80% of its capacity, in about 25 minutes.

Read more here.


Lady Gaga Green
August 9, 2009, 2:00 AM
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I always liked this girl, but now, even more. In the pic, she is  wearing a creation by designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. His website, by the way, really worth a little tour. The inspiration for the fashion-over-cool coat is Kermit, the lovely frog from Muppet Babies. She says: ‘I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.’ We say: your a DIVA!


August 4, 2009, 9:07 PM
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The concept of Sustainable Dance Floor is an interactive floor which generates electricity through the movements of the dancing people. The energy from the movements are capted by the floor and turned into eletric power. The floor provides a unique visual experience on every energy level, from ‘loading’ and ‘average’, to the maximum level of the evening: ‘ultimate high‘!Originated in Rotterdam, the idea has expanded now to Sindney, Shangai, London and so on.


Slow Cow
August 2, 2009, 1:35 PM
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Red Bull has gained an important competitor: SLOW COW, a new anti-energy drink. For those who wants to keep up with the slow movement. The product helps in relaxation without causing sleepiness: the idea is de-stress people, instead of increase anxiety like the caffeine drinks.