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Eco-friendly Driving Tips!
July 7, 2009, 4:09 PM
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green_cars_041) Do not warm up the engine after it is started. Drive away once the engine is started as prolonged idling periods only waste fuel and pollute the air. Idle only if the manufacturer has instructed you to do so.

2) The first few minutes after starting are the periods when the engine efficiency is on the lower side. Drive away by accelerating slowly and gradually increasing the speed through the gears. The first mile of operation after the engine is started is when the mileage is least and hence careful driving might get the most out of the fuel.

3) Adjust the seat according to your comfort and make sure you are in a comfortable driving position before you start driving. A comfortable driving position lets you have a lighter leg on the gas pedal there by saving fuel.

4) As far as possible, stick to the same lane. When you shift lanes to overtake, acceleration is necessary which leads to increased fuel consumption. Avoid lane switching as far as possible.

5) Build up speed gradually before you get to a hill and keep the gas pedal steady when climbing. This helps in reducing fuel usage. While coming down a hill, coast with the help of the vehicle’s momentum and the earth’s gravitational force!.

6) Use overdrive. Using overdrive results in upto 10% increase in fuel efficiency. Shift into higher gears whenever possible and do so without lugging or over revving the engine.

7) Avoid over speeding and keep the engine at speeds where its performance is the highest. This will result in better fuel efficiency, smoother engine operation and longer engine life.

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