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Leather and Environment
July 4, 2009, 5:11 PM
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A couple months ago, the greatest website applied for the green lifestyle has made an article about the production of leather and how the process works.

It’s good to read about it. The leather itself wouldn’t be as bad as PETA claims, but the whole chemical cocktail makes huge damages do the environment.

As I’m a fashion lover, i’ll repeat my muse phrase: “Using leather is a bit caveman.” (Stella McCartney). I guess she’s right….

P.S.: the blond muse Johanson in the pic is wearing eco-chic stuffs.



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Although I agree with Heather McCartney’s views as a vegetarian ethos the jacket in the picture looks like real leather. And that is the problem pleather does not have the feel texture and sensuality of real leather, which is gorgeous to wear. So I will continue to wear the real thing.

Comment by Leatherrockerjacket1968

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